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The South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk is preparing a series of infographics to help you understand the main framework of IP protection across South-East Asia as well as top tips for protecting your IP. The infographics will also provide you with information on how the Helpdesk can help you protect your business and innovations.

Click on the topics below to see our brand new infographics:

  • EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement

    The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) entered into force from 1 August 2020. This agreement will enable EU exporters and investors to access a fast-growing market of over 96 million people and to consolidate their presence in one of the most dynamic regions in the world.

    With the effectiveness of EVFTA, 99 % of all tariffs on both sides will be removed. Regarding IP protection, 169 European Geographical Indications (GIs) will benefit from the recognition and protection on the Vietnamese market. The agreement also sets out a number of provisions to improve the protection level for trademarks, creative works online, pharmaceutical patents, etc. Check out the infographic to find out more!

  • Myanmar IP Snapshot

    After lifting sanctions in 2013, the EU has progressively re-engaged with Myanmar. This has included granting preferential access to the EU market and launching negotiations for an investment protection agreement. In addition, Myanmar’s recent new IP laws are expected to pave the way for substantive improvement on IP protection. Check out our infographic to explore more about Myanmar’s economy and IP landscape.

  • E-commerce in South-East Asia

    South-East Asia is the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce market with the projected value to reach USD 153 billion by 2025. Check out our infographic on E-commerce to explore more about business opportunity in the region and learn how to take actions against counterfeiters in the e-commerce era.

  • Singapore IP Snapshot

    Singapore, one of world’s most competitive economies, is EU’s first trading partner in South-East Asia. Over 10,000 EU companies are established in Singapore and use it as a hub to serve the whole South Pacific. To explore more about Singapore’s economy and know how to protect your IP in Singapore, check out our infographic.

  • Vietnam IP Snapshot

    Vietnam, EU’s 2nd largest partner in South-east Asia, is one of the fastest-growing economies in the region, supported by robust domestic demand and export-oriented manufacturing. Check out our inforgraphic to learn more about business opportunities in Vietnam and crucial information for protecting your IP.

  • Indonesia IP Snapshot

    Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous nation is the largest economy in South-East Asia with GDP of EUR 851 billion in 2018. This infographic will provide you with an overview on the Indonesian economy and crucial information on IP protection that businesses should know.

  • Internet of things in South-east Asia

    According to the Intel’s guide, the Internet of Things (IoT) world is growing at a breathtaking pace from 2 billion object in 2006 to a projected 200 billion by 2020. To explore more about business opportunities in South-east Asia in the IoT sector and key concerns to watch out for IP protection in the region, let’s check out our infographic.

  • Trade Mark Protection in South-East Asia

    Trade Mark protection has become the key tool for business success. This infographic will provide you with basic knowledge on Trade Mark protection and step to step guides on how to register your Trade Mark in South-East Asian countries.

  • South-East Asia now: Growing your Smart Cities business in Southeast Asia

    In recent years, South-east Asia has been seen as the fruitful region for smart cities development with significant increase of urban population, high digital connectivity, rapid economy growth and numbers of incentive policies from governments. This infographic will help you to learn more about how to protect and exploit your IP rights in Smart Cities Business in ASEAN.

  • International IPR SME Helpdesk Annual Stakeholder Meeting 2018 – Infographic

    This infographic provides a summary for the stakeholders of the China, Latin America and South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesks for the period 7 July 2015 - 7 January 2018.

  • E-commerce in South-East Asia: Intellectual Property Protection 

    This Infographic will provide IPR information related to E-Commerce in South-East Asia. It will provide you a basic understanding of Copyright protection, trade mark protection and Industrial Design protection. Additionally, step-by-step information regarding Take-Down Notices for infringed material on E-commerce platforms is detailed as well.

  • Intellectual Property Rights for Textile Products in China and South-East Asia 

    The Textile Industry in China and South-East Asia has quickly changed over the past decade while continuing to grow at an exponential rate as international fashion trade shows are gaining popularity. As a vast consumer market and an important manufacturing hub, both regions offer many opportunities for European SMEs engaged in this sector. However, counterfeiting and other IP infringements are still commonplace – both offline and online – so European SMEs wishing to succeed in this sector should have a comprehensive IP strategy in place to protect their company from IP violations. This infographic will provide you with the basics on IP protection in this sector for China, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines specifically.

  • IPR For Healthcare & Medical Technologies in Singapore & Thailand

    Managing Intellectual Properties in the Healthcare Sector is of great importance for conducting research and for commercialising your innovative techniques, cutting-edge medical hardware and new pharmaceuticals. This infographic will tell you everything you need to know on how to protect your IPR in two of South-East Asia’s most advanced medical sector, those of Singapore and Thailand respectively.

  • Intellectual Property Rights related to Smart Cities in Mainland China & South-East Asia

    As China’s and South-East Asia’s cities grow rapidly, this has proven to be both a challenge as well a source of opportunities for local government and businesses alike. This is where EU SME’s and IPR protection steps in, as both the demand for high-tech solutions and a large population in China and South-East Asia provides a perfect combination for a European SMEs to expand their business abroad. However EU SMEs dealing with Smart City Solutions should ensure there IP assets are sufficiently protected: this infographic deals with Smart City Solutions for both Mainland China and the South-East Asian countries Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

  • Annual Stakeholder Meeting 2017 – China & SEA IPR SME Helpdesks

    This infographic will give stakeholders of both the China and the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesks a quick overview of the services and material these Helpdesks provide.

  • IPR related to the ICT Sector in Singapore & Thailand
    This infographic provides EU SMEs with a roadmap to IP Protection in the ICT Sector in Singapore and Thailand, which includes statistics, facts and figures reflecting their respective policies for Patents, Industrial Designs and Copyright.
  • Creative Design in Indonesia Singapore
    Nowadays design is not only limited to matters of “styling”, but it has become an important competitive factor for the European economy and industry. This infographic underlines importance and benefits of design protection, and provides EU SMEs with information on the available IPR protection in Singapore and Indonesia.
  • IPR Protection in the Food & Beverage Sector in Vietnam, Indonesia & Singapore 
    Rapid economic growth in south-East Asia is creating a burgeoning market for imported Food & Beverage products. This infographic details F&B potential for EU SMEs in Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore.
  • IPR Protection Strategies for European SMEs in the Sports Industry: Thailand and Indonesia Focus New
    This infographic provides EU SMEs a roadmap to IP protection within Sports Industry, complemented by statistics reflecting the trademark and industrial design registrations in Thailand and Indonesia.
  • IPR Protection Strategies in Green Energy Technologies Sector in Singapore and Malaysia
    Promoting increased use of green technologies presumes that supporting policies, including legal grounds for intellectual property protection and enforcement are in place. This infographic underlines the importance of IPR protection in green energy technologies sector, complemented by statistical examples from Singapore and Malaysia.
  • Environmental and Water Technologies in Singapore and Vietnam
    This infographic provides EU SMEs a roadmap to IP protection within Environmental and Water Technologies sector in Singapore and Vietnam which is complemented by statistics reflecting the current environmental landscape in these ASEAN countries.
  • China & SEA IPR SME HDs – Trade Fairs – Tips for Better Protection of IP Rights
    The infographic provides EU SMEs key considerations for protecting their intellectual assets before and during their visits to Trade Fairs in China and South-East Asian countries.
  • Key achievements of the South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk, January 2015 - February 2016
    The infographic provides an overview about the Helpdesk’s key achievements between January 2015 – February 2016. This includes a snapshot of the enquiries, training events, communication and online engagement.
  • Top 10 IP considerations  
    The top 10 tips from the Top 20 IP Considerations when Entering a New Market Guide to help you prepare when thinking about doing business in South-East Asia.