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Snapshot: Business in Indonesia for EU Companies

(Source: DG Trade)

SIZE of Market 

  • EU exports in goods to Indonesia in 2018: EUR 9.7 billion
  • EU imports in goods from Indonesia in 2018: EUR 16.6 billion
  • Total trade in goods in 2018: EUR 26.3 billion 
  • EU exports in services to Indonesia in 2017: EUR 4.1 billion 
  • EU imports in services to Indonesia in 2017: EUR 2.9 billion 
  • Total trade in services in 2017: EUR 7 billion

Despite being the largest economy of the ten nations in South-East Asia, Indonesia is the EU’s 31st largest trading partner, well below the volumes of trade with other countries in the region. Conversely, Indonesian exports to the EU represent 9% of Indonesia’s total trade in goods. The EU is ranked fourth after China (15.1%), Japan (10.8%) and the US (10.3%). (Source: DG Trade)

The co-operation between the EU and Indonesia is ensured mainly through the EU-ASEAN Dialogue which includes discussions on trade and investment issues at ministerial and senior economic official level.


  • The EU’s main exports to Indonesia comprise of (i) Machinery and transport equipment (49.2%), followed by (ii) Chemical and related products (17.1%) and iii) Manufactured goods (paper, products made of metals, iron and steel) (8.9%).
  • The EU’s prime imports from Indonesia include (i) Miscellaneous manufactured articles (textiles, footwear and furniture (25.1%), (ii) Machinery and transport equipment (15.2%) (iii) Animal and vegetable oils (15.1%) and (iv) chemicals and related products (11.9%).