South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk

IP toolbox

Learn how to protect your intellectual property in South-East Asia.

  • Getting started

    Getting started

    A series of training documents on intellectual property for European SMEs engaged in business in South-East Asia.

  • Managing intellectual property

    Managing intellectual property

    Important business decisions facing European SMEs working in or with South-East Asia.

  • How-to guides

    How-to guides

    A series of practical guides covering various IP situations

  • Industry specific guides

    Industry specific guides

    A series of guides for every sector/industry concerned

  • General IP guides

    General IP guides

    A series of guides per IP topic

  • Cross-cutting issues

    Cross-cutting issues

    Common themes and important lessons across all South-East Asian contexts

  • Case Studies

    Case Studies

    Learn the Dos and Don'ts of intellectual property managment in South-East Asia through the experiences of other SMEs in the region

  • Videos


    Helpdesk-produced videos provide insight into protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights in South-East Asia

  • Webinars


    Helpdesk webinars feature presentations and Q&A sessions with South-East Asia intellectual property and business experts

  • Translated guides

    Translated guides

    A selection of guides translated in Italian, French and German.

  • Glossary


    A quick reference guide to the main IP definitions.

  • Infographics


    A series of infographics to help you understand the main framework of IP protection across South-East Asia as well as top tips for protecting your IP.

  • E-Learning Modules

    E-Learning Modules

    A series of E-Learning Modules in relation to South-East Asia help you to learn about various IP topics in an interactive way and test your knowledge with a surprise quiz at the end.