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If you have an enquiry about the management or protection of your intellectual property in Southeast Asia, email our IP Business Advisors at, fill out the form below, or call us at: 

+32 2 663 30 51 or

+84 28 38 25 81 16

Your enquiry is treated in the strictest confidence and will be answered within 3-working days.Your confidential information is safe with us. The European Commission contractually requires the SEA IPR SME Helpdesk to treat all information, data and documents received from you, and dealt with by the Helpdesk and its experts, in the strictest confidence. We shall not make use of or divulge any information, data or documents to third parties. We respect the confidential nature of all information, data and documents which are provided to us by you and linked to the execution of Helpdesk tasks, both during and after the completion of the Helpdesk project.